Why my wife is no longer at Salon Francisco.

picture of Nina SchlusselIn February 2014, my wife Nancy was attacked at Salon Francisco by Nina Schlussel. Nancy was the managing owner of the salon and business partner with Nina, a minor partner. Nina had threatened her on several occasions, said to her "I will fuck you up!" on another, then finally physically assaulted her. She slapped her glasses off her face, tried to spray hairspray into her eyes, pulled her hair, knocked her head against a desk, and wrestled her to the floor. Nancy suffered a large contusion on her forehead and had blurred vision for weeks afterwards and had to get new glasses as a result. The police were called and statements were made and filed and are now part of the record at the Sarasota Sheriff's Department. Nancy filed to get a restraining order on her but before the hearing on the matter, Nina quickly made an offer to buy Nancy's share of the business if Nancy agreed to withdraw her criminal complaint, which she subsequently did. Unfortunately, Nancy still lost a large percentage of her investment, in the five figure area, but it was worth it to get away from such a reprehensible person.

Since Nancy left the salon, she has been eager to move past the trama of the incident. However, Nina has been lying to everyone who will listen to her about how it was Nancy who attacked her and accusing Nancy of stealing money which is the exact opposite of the truth. It evidently gives Nina some sort of perverse pleasure to continue to stir the pot and slander Nancy. I suppose Nina is trying to justify her actions to herself and others, but there is really no excuse for the kind of abuse that Nancy had to put up with.

I am reporting on the event in the interest of fairness and public safety. I have always been of the opinion that people should take responsibility for their actions and that people should not be able to get away with threatening, bullying and assaulting others to get their way. It is my understanding that this is not the first time Nina has gotten physical with someone she worked with but I hope it will be the last.

Nina's attorney has threatened legal action against Nancy for defamation because of this website, of which I am the sole owner of both the content as well as the domain name. But since everything stated here is true and because of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution guanantees freedom of speech I'm not too worried about it. I am setting the record straight and defending the character of my wife of 25 years and hopefully preventing someone else from being taken advantage of.

Dan McCauley
Sarasota, FL